British travellers from risk areas tackled hard: 10 years in prison for lying

International travellers who do not declare that they have been in risk areas in the United Kingdom are risking a decade imprisonment. This is what the British Health Minister Matt Hancock said in the run-up to the introduction of a stricter entry policy due to the coronacrisis.

The imprisonment can be imposed on travellers who lie on a form on arrival about their visit to a country on the so-called red list. It includes South Africa and Zimbabwe. Travellers can also be fined if they refuse to undergo a mandatory corontest.


,, I do not apologize for the strictness of these measures,โ€ said the minister in parliament. , โ€œAs a country, we are facing one of the greatest dangers to our public health in history.โ€

By means of

such measures, the UK authorities are trying to prevent the spread of new variants of the coronavirus. Theyre seen as more contagious. Travellers must also be required to quarantine in a hotel from Monday after arrival in England. For this, they have to pay almost EUR 2000 per person without charge.

The government says 4600 hotel rooms are available to international travellers. Security is also available at the hotels.