British virus mutation found at health care facility and hospital

Three clients and two employees of a health care facility in Ermelo are infected with the British variant of the coronavirus. A spokeswoman for the health care institution,‘s Heeren Loo, confirms coverage by Omroep Gelderland on Friday. Four employees of a Zeeuws hospital also alleged that the virus mutation has aroused.

It is a healthcare facility where people with intellectual disabilities live. In total, almost eight hundred people live there. The sick residents are hospitalized in a special corona unit.

The three live together in one house, together with another three others. The other three may have been infected as well. The GGD is doing research. It is not yet clear what the cause of the infection is.

According to the spokeswoman, the residents of the house have not been in contact with other residents of the care park. The park is closed for visitors for the time being.

The park is one of the 1100 locations that’s Heeren Loo has in the Netherlands. The organization has about 14,000 clients. The Heeren Loo starts vaccinating next week.

Establishment of virus mutation in hospital

Also in a number of employees of the Admiral De Ruyter Hospital (ADRZ) in Goes has been found the British variant. The infected people are now recovering, let the hospital know. The GGD has been informed and it will determine whether further steps are needed. According to the Zeeland newspaper PZC, four employees are involved.

The hospital pushes employees, patients and visitors to the heart to comply with the corona measures. โ€œFortunately, our colleagues are recovering again, but it has encouraged us to bring all measures to the attention once again, for our patients and visitors, and to tighten up where necessary,โ€ says Sjors van Lieshout of the ADRZ. โ€œRespect the rules of the lockdown, stay at home, in case of complaints, get tested, wear a mouth mask and, above all, keep your distance.โ€

The hospital also tells us that patients with an appointment can simply go to the ADRZ. โ€œThe hospital is committed to providing the most safe care possible. They need the cooperation of all of us.โ€