British will soon be able to cuddle again

British relatives and friends will soon be able to hug each other again, if it is up to the British Government. It is one of the easing of the corona measures that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Monday, says a minister Sunday.

According to the British roadmap to get out of the coronalockdown, the intention is to abolish several rules on social contacts from 17 May. In the house, six people or two households are allowed to meet. In addition, restaurants, cafes and pubs can serve their customers indoors again. Cinemas, museums and theatres would also be allowed to reopen the doors.

โ€œ If all goes well, the Prime Minister will confirm tomorrow that there is a relaxation coming,โ€ said Minister Gove. Friendly and intimate contacts is something that โ€œwe want to see recovered.โ€

Experts also believe that the right time has come to end restrictions. This is possible due to the โ€œextraordinary successโ€ with the vaccination campaign and the long-term lockdown, according to top vaccinologist Pollard of Oxford University in British media. โ€œThat means we are in a very happy position here in the UK.โ€