British with down syndrome loses abortion case

Heidi Crowter, a woman with Down syndrome, has lost a British Abortion Law suit. The law states that abortion is lawful until the last minute if the child suffers from physical or mental abnormalities that make it severely disabled, including Down syndrome.

Crowter (26) considers the law to be discriminatory and argued that the government disrespects its lives and the lives of many with down. Abortion is actually only allowed up to 24 weeks in pregnancy in England, Wales and Scotland, but in certain cases there is an exception.

The judges acknowledged shortly before ruling that the case was very sensitive and controversial. But they also emphasized that not every family feels able to take care of a child with a (severe) disability. They also argued that some abnormalities can only be detected after 24 weeks.

Crowter had filed the case with two others, a child with Down syndrome and a mother of a child with down syndrome. They appeal the ruling.