Britney Spears-docu provokes reaction from Ivo Niehe

The documentary Framing Britney Spears has blown up dust in the United States. In the documentary there is considerable criticism of the way the singer was treated in the media at a young age. As a result, fans and celebrities speak out for Spears. Because of the recently published film, Ivo Niehe got a lot of criticism on social media.

A protest movement has even been revived: #Freebritney, it sounds on social media. The reason for this hashtag is that Spears has been under the guardianship of her father Jamie since 2008. The judge decided that the pop star could no longer take care of herself after a public mental nervous breakdown. During the period she shaved her head bald and was constantly chased by the tabloids. Eventually, she was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic.

Since then, she has been better and regained her career, but her father is still her administrator. He‘s been appointed to take care of her because, according to a judge herself, she is not capable of doing so. James Spears took control of almost everything that belongs to Britney. That regulation is now being criticized: how is it that a woman almost 40 years old is still under compulsory custody of her father? Spears has challenged this several times unsuccessfully over the past few years.

Framing Britney Spears, a production by The New York Times, states that Spears is a victim of a man’s world who is taking advantage of her. Over the years, she became more and more cornered by the image outlined in the media of her.

Ivo Niehe under fire

In the documentary as an illustration includes an excerpt with Ivo Niehe. Spears was a guest at the TROS TV Show as a 17-year-old and was addressed by Niehe on her breasts. According to some tabloids, they were enlarged by plastic surgery.

Check out the excerpt shared by an American journalist on Twitter here:

In some responses to social media, the conversation is called reprehensible. People think it‘s not done that such a 17-year-old girl is asked. They find Niehe among other things female friendly.

In the AD, Niehe responded to the fuss. โ€œAfter all the publications about Britney Spears’s sudden seemingly altered appearance: the six pages in the Rolling Stone magazine (which all the fuss began) and after Britney‘s angry reaction in a number of previous interviews in other countries, we agreed to give her a serious opportunity to give on a response to all commotion. What did she think as a 17-year-old American of plastic surgery?โ€ , quotes AD Niehe.

According to the presenter, the excerpt of the interview can be seen without context in Framing Britney Spears. โ€œSo only that one question was used, asked with great irony, because we did not want to talk about it. But that style of irony is apparently less known in the US. The atmosphere after the interview was good, the management was more than satisfied.โ€


Critics say that this kind of question would never have been asked to a man. According to them, the fragment illustrates what image of her was sketched. She had to answer for herself all the time in a man’s world. The documentary therefore releases a lot in the slipstream of the #metoo movement.

Celebrities also responded to the documentary. That‘s how actress Sarah Jessica Parker tweeted #FreeBritney. Singer Miley Cyrus called โ€œwe love Britneyโ€ on Sunday evening during a gig on TikTok. Singer Courtney Love thanked The New York Times for the documentary and shared a picture with the text โ€œwe’re sorry Britneyโ€.