Britney Spears goes to court to adjust settlement about her life

Britney Spears never wants to be under her father’s guardianship again. The singer has gone to court to change the arrangement in which she lost control of her finances, health and daily life.

Spears’ father was appointed curator of her life in 2008, after the singer had had a mental breakdown and shaved her head. James Spears took control of almost everything that belongs to Britney.

No more gig

“The guardianship has to be changed substantially to reflect the enormous changes in her lifestyle and her wishes”, says Spears’ request. For example, the singer no longer wants to perform and she wants someone else to take control of her finances.

Spears stopped working indefinitely. Earlier she cancelled concerts to be with her family. In April last year, she was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, but she told fans that no one had to worry. “Everything is going well. My family’s just been under a lot of stress and anxiety lately.”

But fans are worried. The #freebritney movement claims that Spears is in the scheme against her will and wants her life back. The movement has also protested many times. In recent months, the hashtag has been trending several times.

Spears never commented on the scheme or the hashtag before. Her father James did, last month. He called the action a conspiracy theory and said he loves his daughter very much.