Britney Spears takes vacation after lawsuit father

In the run-up to her 39th birthday on December 2nd, Britney Spears and her sweetheart Sam Ashgari left for Maui, Hawaii. The singer hopes to be able to recover from the turbulent weeks after the lawsuits she performed with her father Jamie. She let us know this through social media.

Britney posted a couple of snaps of her and Sam on his way to Hawaii. โ€œI was in the mood for a little trip to paradise to celebrate my birthday early,โ€ explains Britney. And she adds, โ€œI‘m doing this whole work-to-myself thing.โ€

The past few weeks, or rather months, have been hard on Britney when she came face to face with her father Jamie. He’s been responsible for her finances since her mental breakdown in 2008. Britney wants Jamie to be โ€œfired โ€œas curator because she wants to go out under his yoke. The singer has even nominated other people to take over his role, but for now there seems to be no shot in the case.