Brits are already buying frozen turkeys for fear of shortages against Christmas

It‘s more than two months of waiting for Christmas, yet the frozen turkeys in the UK are flying over the counter like hot sandwiches. That’s what the top executive of supermarket chain Tesco says on Wednesday, in the margins of the presentation of the half-year results. According to him, demand is about ten percent higher at the moment.

The British are struggling with shortages of products due to a combination of Brexit, a shortage of truck drivers and high gas prices. The latter led to the closure of CF Industries a few weeks ago, which produces CO2 as a by-product and is therefore very important for the food industry. CO2 is used both in animal slaughter and meat preservation. The biggest UK turkey producer then warned of shortages by Christmas.

Tesco keeps people cautious. CEO Ken Murphy expects โ€œgood availabilityโ€ by the end of the year, but admits that there may still be problems with the supply chain after all. The company itself is already deploying 15,000 additional staff members to bridge the busiest period of the year. In addition, the supply of certain items, such as pasta, has been phased out in order to better ensure other items.