Brits offer Afghan football girls asylum

The United Kingdom has offered asylum to the women promise team of Afghan Football Association. The 35 girls aged between 13 and 19 years old had already fled to Pakistan and hoped to find a place for asylum from Lahore.

The British offer is coming close: tomorrow the temporary visa will expire on the basis of which they stayed in Pakistan. There was a risk that they would be sent back to Afghanistan. The UK authorities are now busy getting the paperwork done, the BBC reports.

No Solution

Afghanistan‘s national women’s football team fled to Australia before and female juniors have been taken care of in Portugal. No solution was found for the promise team alone.

The girls have been on the road for a while. They were due to go to Qatar with help from the philanthropic Rokit Foundation with their families and coaches at the end of August, but that trip was cut short due to the attack at Kabul airport. They were later taken by bus to Pakistan.

Life-saving Decision

A spokesperson for the Rokit Foundation speaks of a life-saving decision by Prime Minister Johnson to offer asylum to football players. โ€œ70 percent of girls had already received death threats in Afghanistan.โ€ In Afghanistan, women are prohibited from exercising after the Taliban takeover.

Multiple English football clubs, including Leeds United and Chelsea, have indicated they want to help the girls.