Britt Dekker and Wendy van Dijk present We Want More

The new season of We Want More is presented by Britt Dekker and Wendy van Dijk, Talpa announced Monday. Van Dijk presented the first season together with Johnny de Mol and Dennis Weening.

Dekker will take on the presentation behind the scenes, Van Dijk will be on stage. The jury, consisting of Ali B, Andrรฉ Hazes, Davina Michelle, Henk Poort and Trijntje Oosterhuis, remains the same. In the program, candidates must convince the jury of their singing talents. The winner will run off with 100,000 euros.

โ€œ I think its a dream to be part of the presentation team at We Want Moreโ€, says Dekker. โ€œI never dreamed that I would be allowed to participate in such a big singing competition, so it feels like a huge honor.โ€

The new season can be seen on SBS6 from Friday 13 March.