Broadcasting Gelderland knows possible new employer of Tannane after landing in Turkey

Oussama Tannane is on his way to Fenerbahçe. Broadcasting Gelderland reports that the Vitesse midfielder is negotiating with the Turkish club, after being spotted in Istanbul on Wednesday.
On Thursday, Tannane negotiated at the Fenerbahçe complex with his potential new employer. The stage at which the negotiations are at is not reported. According to Vitesse director Johannes Spris, however, the Arnhemmers have not yet had contact with Fenerbahçe about Tannane. It is therefore not clear which transfer fee Vitesse will receive in case of a possible deal. Tannane has a commitment to the number four of the Eredivisie that runs for one year.
Several Turkish media have already reported that Fenerbahçe wants to reinforce itself with Tannane. In front of Halk TVs camera, however, the left-arm, who did not put his transfer wish under seats or benches in recent weeks, did not want to tell much about it.
Tannane took action 34 times last season on behalf of Vitesse on all competitions. In it, the playmaker accounted for eight goals and twelve assists. Nevertheless, Tannane argues that he often feels unrecognized in the Netherlands.