Broadcasting Zwart condemns incident around Akwasi: ‘Not in line with our mission’

Broadcasting ZWACK has distanced itself from the EO-Incident, in which co-founder Akwasi ran away during an interview and took two laptops with him. What happened is absolutely not in line with the course and mission of the new broadcaster. Thats in a statement BLACK shared on Saturday.

As a

result of the events, BLACK received many questions about journalistic values and the importance of a free press. โ€œAnd we can well imagine that,โ€ says in the statement. โ€œAbove all, let there be no misunderstanding: we condemn what happened during that interview. Freedom of the press, freedom of expression and respect for the journalistic profession are crucial to us and are never under discussion.โ€

โ€œ What happened during the interview is absolutely not in line with the course and mission of Omroep Zwart. We continue our ambition to become the most connecting broadcaster in the Netherlands. Where everyone is seen, and everyone is heard.โ€

At the end of December, Akwasi ran away from an interview with the NPO Radio 1 program This is the Dag. He forced the creators to erase the recordings made and took two laptops with him. Akwasi was not happy with questions the interviewer asked about his controversial speech at Dam Square.

The rapper announced last week to consider his position within Broadcasting BLACK.