Brobbey and Gravenberch on promotion to the big Orange: ‘Happy inside’

Brian Brobbey was the big man in the Dutch Junior match against Belgiums peers with two hits on Friday night (1-2 wins). Together with Ryan Gravenberch, he heard earlier in the day that he can join the Great Orange. That news made both players smile.
After the game with the Belgians, Brobbey and Gravenberch spoke to ESPN. Of course, it was about the sudden invitation of national coach Louis van Gaal. โ€œWe heard it in the meeting, before the game. Erwin van de Looij said that he had called Van Gaal. I stayed calm but was happy inside,โ€ says Brobbey.
The fact that the attacker issued his business card to Van Gaal on Friday is an understatement. He was accurate with both his left leg and a nice header. โ€œAt that first hit, Jurgen Ekkelenkamp gave me a good depth ball. I played my opponent and then I scored. That second one was a very nice attack, tiki-taka.โ€
Gravenberch, who has already played ten times for the Dutch national team, is also happy with the promotion. โ€œWhen I heard it, I was happy inside. You can show yourself again at the big Orange.โ€ Despite the step up, the Bayern Munich midfielder, who has relatively little time to play under trainer Julian Nagelsmann, is critical of his own game. โ€œIt went reasonably. I do notice that I miss the race rhythm. After twenty minutes, I had to take my second breath.โ€