Brobbey has become really bizarrely good, Im flabbergasted from his development

Kenneth Pérez is very pleased with the development Brian Brobbey has gone through. According to the ESPN analyst, Ajax striker has gotten a lot better since he last played in the Netherlands.
He has become really freakishly good. I am flabbergasted from his development, says the analyst at ESPN. I found him very troubled when he just came to see Ajax. He did have his moments, of course, but I find him so quiet now. It‘s so figured out what he wants to do and his body is second to none. Those defenders of Fortuna didn’t have a lot of problems in the first half, but when this boy came in, things became different.
Ajax has a luxury problem in rush hour with Brobbey. Because Dusan Tadic can also handle it. Pérez still finds it difficult who belongs in the base. If you don‘t want to go around Tadic, the pointed position is the easiest one to fit it in. Saturday it was a lot of gestures and little good football with him, but of course he also played good matches there. But if you want to fit in Brobbey, you’ll have to get someone out of it anyway.

Kenneth Perez about Ajax‘s luxury problem in the front: He has become really bizarrely good. I’m flabbergasted.
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) August 7, 2022