Brobbey not first Leipzig striker: ‘Trainer says I get a chance on my own’

Brian Brobbey doesn‘t leave his head hanging now that he’s not a base customer at RB Leipzig. The nineteen year old striker sees trainer Jesse Marsch currently opting for Andrรฉ Silva at the point of the attack.
So far Brobbey took action for eight minutes in this Bundesliga season. โ€œI just keep training hard and I‘ll see it,โ€ says the youth international in front of the Football International camera. โ€œI just want to make it difficult for the trainer. I know when I play, I do my best and can make a go.โ€
However, Brobbey is aware that he is not Leipzig’
s first striker at the moment. โ€œThe trainer has chosen Silva at the moment. I know I‘m going to have my chance and when that moment is there, I’ll be thereโ€, says the native Amsterdammer, who then states that Marsch regularly visits him personally. โ€œThe trainer talks to me often, and he says that I have to keep doing my best and that my chance comes naturally.โ€
Last summer Brobbey traded Ajax transferfree for RB Leipzig. The national champion was keen to renew his contract, but did not reach an agreement with Brobbey after several attempts.