Broekers returns from approach family reunification minors

Single minor aliens can still qualify for family reunification if they are taken by a relative other than their father or mother. Demissionary Secretary of State Broekers-Knol writes to the House that she has decided to refrain from a โ€œmore generic method used by the INDโ€.

Yesterday it came out through NRC that new asylum policies have to grow up hundreds of asylum children without parents. For some time, single minor strangers no longer have been considered single, if they are taken care of by, for example, an aunt or cousin after their arrival in the Netherlands. As a result, they no longer have the right to reunify with their parents.

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Many parties in the House reacted angrily, also because Secretary of State Broekers would not have announced the change. Broekers now writes to the Chamber that she had an inventory, with which the Nidos Foundation also cooperated. That is the organization that deals with the custody of single minor asylum seekers.

The inventory shows that the โ€œsize of case studies is significantly greater than initially thoughtโ€: 207 cases. Moreover, things are โ€œso diverse that a more individual assessment of the applications is in placeโ€, Broekers writes.

The Secretary of State explains in the letter that the IND has started to use a different way of working after โ€œa deviation from the usual course of affairs had been found in an individual caseโ€. This new approach was included in non-public information intended for a uniform method of operation of the IND.

Internally Communicated

After NIDOS questioned the new method, Broekers decided to maintain the process for the time being, but to initiate a further investigation. That too, the IND โ€œcommunicated internally,โ€ writes the Secretary of State.

Broekers received the conclusions of the investigation yesterday and now decided to change the process. The method used by the IND is only applied in cases where there is clearly no single person, writes the State Secretary.

Asylum children who were rejected for family reunification are still allowed to apply.