Broekers-Tuber: Asylum peak is temporary, 3,000 shelters in November

Secretary of State Broekers-Knol expects that there will be three thousand additional places in the asylum shelter in November. That should be enough so that people dont have to sleep on stretchers and chairs after ward. She didnt specify where the new places are being created.

According to the Secretary of State, more asylum seekers are coming in than expected. โ€œWere at a peak right now,โ€ says Broekers. โ€œI dont call it asylum crisis.โ€

Brokers were called to the House of Representatives to answer questions about the increased flow of asylum. Currently, there are 31,500 people in the shelter, 11,000 of whom have a residence permit. They do not flow into a regular home due to the shortage of housing, while more and more people are reeling in the shelter.

JA21 party leader Eerdmans doesnt think its a temporary peak. He does think there is an asylum crisis. โ€œIt looks like the 2015 situation,โ€ he says. โ€œWhen German Chancellor Merkel said wir schaffen das, were going to succeed. But Prime Minister Rutte said that never again.โ€ Eerdmans agrees and wants more stringent border controls.

โ€œThe number of people leaving the Netherlands is much lower than the number coming in,โ€ says Eerdmans. Broekers acknowledges thats right, but hard work is being done to housing status holders and deportation of people who are not entitled to a residence status. โ€œI do not share Mr Eerdmans gloomy gaze,โ€ she says.

The House of Representatives criticises the lack of reception on the one hand and the greater inflow on the other. SP and Think say the shelter policy fails. JA21 and the PVV believe the admissions policy fails. The PVV believes that nobody should be allowed to enter the Netherlands at all.

SGP leader Van der Staaij believes that the Netherlands should take care of people who flee from war and persecution โ€œdecentโ€. โ€œBut people are still coming in from safe countries such as Morocco,โ€ says Van der Staaij. โ€œWhat can we do about that?โ€

Brokers believe that everyone who reports should be treated the same. โ€œWe also had someone from America in the asylum procedure.โ€ It remains that the Netherlands cannot suddenly close its doors and therefore need shelters.

In the coming weeks, Broekers will continue to talk to municipalities and counties about that.