Bronze Melania replaces wooden artwork that went up in flames

Another Melania statue has been erected near Sevnica, the birthplace of President Trumps wife in Slovenia. The bronze statue replaces a wooden one that was set on fire earlier this year.

The original statue was commissioned by the American artist Brad Downey together with the Slovenian artist Ales Maxi Zupevc. The artwork depicts the presidential wife during the inauguration, where she wore a blue dress.

Downey said at the time that he wanted to stress that it is remarkable that Melania Trump is married as an immigrant to a president who wants to reduce immigration.

The statue was severely mocked on social media at the time. Some thought the sculpture looked more like a smurf or a scarecrow

But on the 4th of July (Independence Day in the US) that work of art went up in flames. It is not known who is responsible for this. The blackened work of art was then exhibited together with the mould for a new bronze work of art. The artists denied rumours that they themselves set the whole thing on fire.

The new bronze work of art by the artist duo stands in Sevnica on a wooden pedestal of almost 3 metres. “This statue is dedicated to the eternal memory of a monument to Melania that stood on this site”, stands on a plaque.

See here how residents of the Slovenian village reacted to the original work of art: