Bronze statue Melania Trump unveiled in Slovenia

Near her birthplace in Slovenia, a life-size bronze statue of the American first lady Melania Trump was unveiled on Tuesday. The statue replaces a wooden one that was set on fire last July.

The new coarsely sculpted work of art in Sevnica stands on a wooden pedestal of almost 3 metres. The 50-year-old wife of Donald Trump, a former photographic model, is, as with the wooden version, not recognizable. The woman depicted with her left hand raised takes an oath. “This statue is dedicated to the eternal memory of a monument to Melania that stood at this location, stands on a plaque.

The wooden statue burned down on the night of 4 July, the American Independence Day. The initiator wanted to highlight Melania Trumps status as an immigrant married to a president who has sworn to reduce immigration. She was portrayed with the light blue wrap coat she wore when her husband was sworn in in 2017.

Trump on fire

In January an 8 metre high wooden statue of Donald Trump was set on fire elsewhere in Slovenia. The mockingly intended work of art was considered a tourist attraction. At an earlier location the statue had already been fitted with a Hitler moustache. The designer said to think that the arson was a protest against the deadly American drone attack on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.