Brother Barry Atsma (53) died

Rimmert, the brother of Barry Atsma, died at the age of 53. That‘s what the actor announced on social media Wednesday. His brother died at the beginning of this month from the effects of corona.

โ€œ Having to say goodbye to Rimmert is deeply sad, but we cherish the memories of so many beautiful moments with him,โ€ writes Atsma on Instagram.

โ€œ His great dance moves, his loving hand kisses, his hilarious renditions of Eucalypta and James Bond, his fanatical air drum solos and his delightful hugs. He taught me many life lessons: to love unconditionally, not to judge, to truly connect with the people around you and to have fun full of surrender. We are going to miss the naughty twinkle in his eyes, but we think every day with a smile about his sweet, lively soul.โ€

Rimmert had Down’s syndrome. In interviews, Atsma always spoke very frankly and lovingly about his brother. He also made a solo performance about Rimmert around the age of thirty. โ€œThe fact that I could give him a voice, that I could make contact with the audience through his story, suddenly made me realize what kind of meaning this work can have,โ€ said the actor in the book Everything is film.

For BNN, Atsma presented the program Down for Dummies in 2014. In 2010, the two brothers posed for the calendar Down2Famous.