Brothers stick letter on windscreen Ajax director: ‘Get Suarez back’

Ajax director Edwin van der Sar looked up a bit strangely when he saw a note on the windscreen of his car. It was written by brothers and Ajax fans Nick and Sam.


They asked the Ajax director to bring FC Barcelona player Luis Suarez back to Ajax. And if that wasn’t possible, then Lionel Messi was also good.

The request doesn’t just come. Messi and Suarez want to leave FC Barcelona, so the brothers thought that Ajax now has a chance. And Suarez used to play for Ajax, so he knows the club well.


Ajax director Van der Sar thought it was a nice action and put a letter from the brothers on his Instagram account. And he promised to consult with his colleague Marc Overmars, who buys and sells players.

Below you can read the whole letter: