Brouwers and Van Wonderen reveal Go Ahead Eagles battle plan against Ajax

Go Ahead Eagles player Luuk Brouwers reveals the battle plan for the match against Ajax. FC Groningen served as inspiration for the PhD candidate.
It was 0-0 in the Johan Cruijff Arena on Sunday. โ€œWe looked at excerpts of the match against FC Groningen. They also played 5-3-2, but we thought: we can do that better. We showed that,โ€ says Brouwers to ESPN. โ€œLet‘s face it: it’s a matter of kicking away every ball you meet and hope you‘ll keep zero.โ€
Trainer Kees van Wonderen agrees that. โ€œIf you play against a team that wins 4-0 from Borussia Dortmund, 5-0 from PSV and 9-0 from SC Cambuur, you can play very open here, but you can’
t compare us to that. You have to come up with something that allows you to get something in a different way. I think it‘s top football too.โ€
โ€œI was the first to cited the match we played with the Dutch team against Portugal, the second game under Ronald Koeman. That’
s where we stood this way too. Then you look at who played like that and that was Groningen. We have aligned our plan to that,โ€ says Van Wonderen.