Brrr… Thats how it really is with cold (off) shower

Winter or not: you can put the shower faucet on a cold position, because cold shower works much better than swallowing half a jar of vitamin pills. So just the teeth on each other! Certainly if you join the WOMAN Lekker in your skin challenge and pay extra attention to your body these weeks. We give you the physical and mental benefits of cold showering.

1. Pores

Many of us may enjoy a hot shower intensely, but we do not make our skin happy with such a steam. Conversely, a cold shower ensures that the natural skin oil and moisture are preserved. That‘s because cold water closes the pores (while hot water opens them).

2. Oxygen

Due to the relatively low temperature, your body is as it were in a small shock: you will breathe deeper and thus absorb more oxygen. Because your heart starts beating faster, you can feel the blood flow faster through your body. This provides a natural dose of energy. That’s why you‘re wide awake right after it!

3. Coupe

A cold shower will make your coupe look fuller and healthier. As with your skin, your hair will retain moisture better when you wash them with cold water. This results in hair that is less dry and more shiny.

4. Muscle pain

The cold water narrows the blood vessels so that your blood starts to flow extra quickly, thus draining the waste into the muscles faster. This way, for example, athletes recover earlier and can perform faster again. Also useful for the less fanatic person among us to know, because it prevents muscle pain!

5. Mood

Even if the shower only uses cold water, this would already have a beneficial effect on your state of mind. Scientists are not yet behind how that works, but at least your brain is going through so-called neurotransmitters that make you happy. And we can all use that in this period…

6. Memory

Remarkably enough, you are also better able to remember things, according to scientific research.

7. Lose weight

This has to do with the fact that your body supposedly produces brown fat when it is in low temperatures. This fat converts energy into body heat and can help you in the fight against excess weight.

8. Immune system

By taking a cold shower you put your body to work; that must suddenly do its best to keep you warm. And that process of maintaining body temperature seems to be good for the immune system again.

9. Antidepressants

Several studies show that a cold shower can be a way of pointing down depressive feelings; a splash of cold water over you creates so many brain stimuli that it has a positive effect.

10. Environment

You are not under it as long as when you shower hot. This way you consume a lot less water and of course a lot less energy anyway. And that’s good for your wallet.

11. Production

Last, a good reason not to push your partner under a cold jet; hot water is not at all good for its sperm production and the quality of those cells – by the way also the reason that his business hangs‘ outboard ‘, where the is a lot cooler than inside the body. Well, what can we say to this? Shared smart is half smart.

By the way, a cold shower means a temperature of between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Be careful when you‘re struggling with heart disease, because then a cold shower is not always wise. And do not overdo either: never stand under a cold shower for more than a small ten minutes.


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