Bruggink amazed at Schmidt: ‘2-1 behind and then you get your best man out’

PSV trainer Roger Schmidt‘s changing policy has created brows for ESPN analyst Arnold Bruggink. The Eindhovenaren hunted against Ajax for an extension, but Schmidt decided to replace Mohamed Ihattaren with Yorbe Vertessen.

On social media there was some surprise and Bruggink also thought it was a strange decision. We have to ask Schmidt anyway, he said after the cup match. Like today (Wednesday, red.): are you behind 2-1, he takes out Ihattaren. I thought that was the best PSV man.
Bruggink found the eighteen-year-old left-leg exactly the right man to provide openings. The most creative they have on the field. And then he takes him out, ten minutes before time! That’
s very strange, I haven‘t seen Ihattaren play like today.
It finally stayed at 2-1 in Amsterdam. Ajax made the semi-final of the KNVB Cup and plays an away match against Vitesse or the winner of sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord.

It’s really starting to be a fetish: changing your best players over and over again.
— Sjoerd Mossou (@sjoerdmossou) February 10, 2021

Schmidt had Diego out of it after the 2-2 in the final. Not quite fresh anymore. Go, Trobbiani in.
— Sjoerd Mossou (@sjoerdmossou) February 10, 2021