Bruggink points out excellence at Ajax – PSV: ‘He makes the difference’

Daley Blind and Davy Klaassen make the difference at Ajax in the cup duel with PSV. Pablo Rosario and Ibrahim Sangaré cannot match the Amsterdam midfield, analysts Arnold Bruggink and Ronald de Boer judge at ESPN.

Daley Blind makes the difference, says Bruggink. Ajax plays with a very dynamic midfield. They rotate a lot. Daley Blind reads the game so well. He knows when to put pressure. And then Davy Klaassen comes into his power, as a walking man. Thats the big difference. Rosario and Sangaré just cant go along with that. Blind release in the build-up should not be done anyway, of course. You see the spaces emerge. Klaassen runs in their backs and they have no answer to that.
De Boer expressed his misunderstanding about PSVs way of playing. I do not understand that PSV persists in this after twenty minutes. You can see after five minutes: this is not going well. But they just keep playing the same game. Klaassen walked in their backs the whole time. At the 1-0 you can see Rosario and Sangaré watching, but they have no eye for Klaassen, who is doing great. That pass of Martínez was also great. Hallers assumption, everythings right. Ajax was just really good.