Brussels-North Station temporarily vacated following notification of fugitive Conings

The station Brussels-North was vacated for an hour this evening, after a traveller thought he had seen the fugitive military Jรผrgen Conings. The combing of the station has resulted in nothing in the end, says a spokesman for the Belgian railways SNCB to Het Nieuwsblad.

Professional military Conings has been fleeing police, military and special units since Tuesday. He is wanted in connection with the threat of, among others, the Flemish virologist Marc Van Ranst. From the barracks where Conings worked, he managed to pick up a large arsenal of weapons on Monday night. Hes been without a trace ever since.


On Tuesday Conings car was found, containing four rocket launchers and ammunition, in a nature reserve near the border with Dutch Limburg. A day later it became clear that he had booby trapped his car.

In a suicide note, Conings suggested that he took up arms against virologists such as Van Ranst and the Belgian government. After that, a manhunt was created in Belgium for the military man, whose name is also on the terrorist list of the Coordination Body for Threat Analysis (OCAD). That body monitors terrorist and extremist threats.

Calls to Conings

This evening, federal prosecutor Frรฉdรฉric Van Leeuw, similar in the Netherlands to a prosecutor, made a call to Conings in the VRT news to contact someone he trusts. โ€œWe also call on the population to remain calm,โ€ says Van Leeuwen.

Conings girlfriend also asked him not to use force in a video message earlier. โ€œJรผrgen, if youre alive, dont make casualties. Make sure the story ends,โ€ she said.