Bryan Roy gets community service to threatentweet for Prime Minister Rutte

Former professional footballer Bryan Roy has been sentenced by the police judge in The Hague to an 80-hour community service for threatening demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte. If he goes wrong again within two years, there will be a four-week prison sentence.

51-year-old Roy had responded to a tweet in April calling on the Prime Minister to resign. โ€œHeadshot will get him soon,โ€ was his reaction. Because a report was made, police picked Roy up for questioning shortly after the message.

The Public Prosecutor‘s Office had demanded a ten-week prison sentence, four weeks of which was parole.

Previously in conjugations

Roy, who came out 32 times for Orange in his career, also fell into disagreement last year after a threat from AD journalist Chris Klomp, because of his pieces in which corona plots are debunked. โ€œI know where you live now,โ€ he wrote. โ€œWe sleep at night, just you don’t.โ€

This case was dismissed by the prosecution. Minister Grapperhaus said at the time after criticism that โ€œthings are not going the way I would like nowโ€.