‘Buckingham Palace works on diversity policy’

British media report that Buckingham Palace is taking steps to modernize the British monarchy when it comes to diversity. There would be advanced plans to ask the palace staff about their experiences of prejudices within the palace walls. Furthermore, the royal family focuses on independent views and ways to better deal with issues where diversity plays a role. It would ask ethnic minorities, the disabled and the gay community to come up with suggestions.

The news came out through the Mail on Sunday tabloid and has been taken over by virtually all major British newspapers and news organizations. They all report that this process has already been initiated for the much-discussed interview of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan with Oprah Winfrey.

Timing no coincidence

In that interview, Harry and Meghan claimed that a member of the British royal family asked before birth how dark the skin of their son Archie could be. Harry also said that racism had been an important factor in the couples decision to move to America.

It can hardly be a coincidence that this news is coming out now, says correspondent Tim de Wit. You really need to see this when the palace says that the message has arrived. Although I must add that after the marriage of Harry and Meghan, a start has been made to look at diversity within the royal family.