Buijs attracts old acquaintance Da Cruz: ‘Of course had left with Danny’

Alessio Da Cruz continues his career at KV Mechelen. The former player of FC Twente and FC Groningen, among others, opts for Danny Buijs‘s club, with whom he already worked at Groningen.
Da Cruz comes over from Parma, Italy. โ€œOf course, I talked to Danny about this transfer,โ€ says Da Cruz on the KV Mechelen club site. โ€œIn addition, I got some extra info about the club. And yes, I’
ve only heard good things.โ€

โ€œThe interest from Mechelen is not new. I already had contact with people from here in 2019, but then I thought it was better to take another step in my career,โ€ says Da Cruz. โ€œIn terms of structure, a lot has changed since then, now feels like the ideal time for me to make the switch. From Tom Caluwรฉ contacted me again, everything has actually gone pretty fast.โ€

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โ€” KV Mechelen (@kvmechelen) July 12, 2022