Buijs is draining at ESPN: Whats going on with those people, kid?

Danny Buijs wanted to say little about it when the arbitration came up, but couldn‘t hold back anyway. The trainer of FC Groningen received a yellow card against AZ after twelve minutes of play due to comment on the lead.
Buijs thinks wrongly. ESPN asked him about the situation afterwards and Buijs wanted to lose little at first, but then emptied. โ€œLet me not say too much about that, because soon you will have another disciplinary committee hanging on your pants.โ€
โ€œThose fourth officials, that’
s really for crying. With what intention are those people coming to the competition, huh? You have to understand that there is emotion once. There is no swear word and then those people immediately stand from: Buijs yellow card, Buijs yellow card.. And then against the other staff members and even the doctor: do you need a yellow card too? What‘s going on with those people?โ€ , Buijs wonders.
โ€œEat an oil bulb under the Christmas tree and relax for a moment. If you’
re being scolded or when you‘re physically touched, I can understand, but immediately Buijs yellow card… โ€œsays Buijs.

Danny Buijs wasn’t having a good time in Alkmaar ๐ŸŸจ #AZGRO pic.twitter.com/v0JxFwd6uF
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) December 21, 2021