Building simulator House Builder took out on Kickstarter

Polish studio FreeMind with the support of an investor, publishing house PlayWay, took out on Kickstarter its new work, realistic building simulator House Builder. The campaign can be considered predominantly advertising, because it takes a little more than 8 thousand dollars for success. All contributors in accordance with the dash of the contribution are promised access to the exclusive demo version, participation in tests, communication with developers during special streams and a number of digital bonuses.

Among the additional goals of the campaign are versions for VR and mobile phones, new types of houses, sandbox mode and cooperative. The peculiarity of House Builder is realism and variety of buildings.

In the north, we will fold the needle, cutting bricks out of ice, in the south – to burn shingles, in the middle strip – lay down the forest and collect the houses. And each house is built on a brick, from the foundation to the roof.

Demo version of the game with the construction of an ice house is available on Steam. The release is presumably due at the end of the year.

And until the final of the campaign on Kickstarter is 29 days left, and almost half of the required amount is already on account. More on the Gambling Free โ€œBattle for Berlinโ€ in Enlisted dedicated โ€œliveโ€ trailer Rumor: Patch 9.

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