Bulgarian election winner no longer Prime Minister candidate

Despite the sizeable victory his party ITN made in the Bulgaria elections last Sunday, the popular singer and TV presenter Slavi Trifonov decided not to become a prime minister. At the same time, the leader of the anti-elite party ITN indicated that he has adjusted his proposal for a minority government.

This country is already unstable and does not need another election, Trifonov wrote on Facebook. He had not informed all other opposition parties about his plans, in which the experienced politician and economist Nikolay Vasilev would become prime minister.

However, Vasilev does not represent the change that was promised, find opponents of Trifonov‘s proposal. That sound also came from the conservative GERB party of multiple former Prime Minister Boiko Borisov. Its party received 23.5 percent of the vote and Trifonov’s ITN 24


two possible allies of ITN, small anti-corruption parties, have refused cooperation, as well as GERB and the Socialists. The Corruption associated Borisov party won the election in April, but could not form a workable coalition.

Observers do not rule out the need for new elections in the EU country in autumn. A new president will be elected anyway.