Bullet Runner creators revealed snippets of gameplay

Kami Games and Hyper are working on the third-person action film Bullet Runner, and their Steam page revealed whats new in the long-known indie project. They accompanied their story with a fresh gameplay trailer. In Bullet Runner, we have to fight our way through huge armies of powerful opponents using both fast reflexes and combat strategies.

This will be a huge arsenal of weapons that can be quickly switched between. The creators showed what type of puzzle awaits us between battles, introduced an updated game menu and a weapon wheel, and also introduced us to a new future enemy: Mechom.

Bullet Runner is due to come to RS in early 2023. More on Gamemania The creators of the VR version of Green Hell spoke about the features of the project Indie publisher Crytivo told how the Farm Folks simulator Elden Ring will change to February 25 2022.