Bum Simulator paid off only half

The other day, Polish studio Ragged Games released one of the most ambitious games in PlayWay‘s portfolio: the bum simulator Bum Simulator. This release was intended to be โ€œsudden and unexpectedโ€ because, unlike other projects, the game did not have a free introductory version. not bad: on Steam the game recommends 89% of buyers, it’s a โ€œvery positiveโ€ rating.

As SteamDB shows, it had more than a thousand people at the same time. As PlayWay reported, Bum Simulator is on the wishful lists of 212 thousand players.

According to the publishing house, the development budget did not exceed one million zlotys (about $260,000). As of the report‘s publication, these funds have paid off half, with about 19,000 copies sold in the early days.

The most purchases are made from the US and Germany: 15% each. They are followed by Russia and China, 13% and 12% respectively .

Bum Simulator’s debut has been given out less successful than that of Car Mechanic Simulator, The Tennants, Mr. Prepper, Farm Manager and Lust from Beyond.

But the bum simulator has managed to bypass other successful publishing projects: Mech Mechanic Simulator, Hell Architect, Paradise Lost and Rustler. Buy Bum Simulator by September 2 at a release discount, for 359 roubles.

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