Bungalow parks and hotels in outskirts farmers good this fall

Bungalowparks are full of Dutch people this autumn. Even hotels in the outskirts receive hardly any cancellations, despite the increasing corona infestations.

Roompot Vakantieparken sees, with the autumn holidays on the doorstep, a ‘big increase’ in the number of bookings compared to the autumn of 2019, but also the parks of Center Parcs and Landal Greenparks are largely booked. Relatively more Dutch people live everywhere than usual. โ€œNormally many Germans and Belgians come to our parksโ€, says a spokesman for Landal. โ€œThe space that has arisen because they barely come is now filled by Dutch people.โ€

Both Center Parcs and Landal have a lot of last-minute bookings. โ€œMany people who didn‘t leave last summer want to leave,โ€ explains a spokesman for Center Parcs. โ€œHoliday parks are also a popular destination now, because you can keep a good distance from them. There is plenty of outdoor space and the houses have their own garden.โ€


fact that the Dutch are mainly looking for the outdoors this autumn, also notes the hotel chain Fletcher. โ€œAlmost all our hotels are located in outlying areas,โ€ says a spokesman. โ€œMany Dutch people go out for a weekend cycling and hiking. We expect to be even busier this fall than we did a year ago.โ€

Although, according to him, the hotel chain already strictly adhered to all safety protocols, additional measures are still being taken because of the increasing number of infections. โ€œFrom next Monday, all staff who come into contact with guests wear a mouthcap.โ€ There are many phone calls about whether one can still use, for example, the wellness centres. โ€œThere have been strict safety regulations since the reopening, and they are still compliant.โ€

The bungalow parks also receive questions about the use of restaurants and swimming pools. โ€œSometimes we have to divide people who want to come with too large a group into different homesโ€, says Roompot spokesman. โ€œBut in our restaurants and swimming pools, we already managed to maintain the corona measures and remain open.โ€ According to him, only a handful of source and contact studies have been carried out in Roompot’s holiday parks in recent months. โ€œIn all cases it was someone who had entered the park with a contamination, but once inside did not infect any other guests.โ€

Where hotels and holiday parks in the outskirts do good business, hotels in the big cities are much less prosperous this autumn. Several hotels in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague saw the number of bookings dropped significantly over the past few weeks. โ€œThe number of bookings, both from foreigners and the Dutch, is continuing to decrease,โ€ says a hotel receptionist in the Maasstad. โ€œNothing is even booked for the coming months.โ€ An employee of a hotel in Amsterdam even calls it โ€œdramatically quiet.โ€ โ€œNo one wants to be in the center of the city now.โ€