Bungie responded to accusations of sexism, toxicity and crunches

IGN spoke to 26 former and current Bungie employees and found that the studio had long been mired in toxic behavior, sexism and cranches with impunity. that women and minorities frequently witnessed sexist and inappropriate comments for which there were no reprimands. And the HR department is allegedly interested in protecting the company, rather than helping employees who address problems.

In addition, Bungies public statement on combating toxic culture in the background Many inside the company considered the ongoing Activision Blizzard scandal to be hypocritical. As for crunches, it is known that the narrative team had to work up to 100 hours a week, working on additions for Destiny 2.

Recall that a few years ago, the leading designer of the Bungie gaming environment said that the company does not have overtime, and overtime is done only on its own initiative Staff reporters noted that small groups have already formed within Bungie, advocating for change and fighting for a more inclusive work environment. Bungie issued a public statement on accusations of sexism, toxicity and crunches.

The head of the studio Pete Parsons apologized to all employees who faced problems in the workplace. According to him, Bungie is making various attempts to become better.

For example, all โ€œbad actorsโ€ have already been fired; inclusive clubs have been created for blacks, women, trans communities and game accessibility; more attention is paid to planning release dates, and also analyzed the practice of hiring, compensation and promotion. In addition, Parsons noted that women and minorities have gained more opportunities within Bungie, and their number has not increased only as employees but also as managers.

Parsons admitted that the progress made is not enough, but the studio has the potential to improve. More on Gambling Players Genshin Impact is waiting for an award in honor of the victory of the project at TGA 2021 Telltale promises to tell very soon about The Wolf Among Us 2 Over the year, CD Projekt shares fell by 54%, and Cyberpunk 2077 sold below expected.