Burglar in Hong Kong robs fortunes in stamps and Mao calligraphy

Following a burglary in Hong Kong, a burglar ran off with an extremely expensive stamp and calligraphy collection. The collection is estimated to be worth over 430 million euros.

The thief struck on 10 September in a flat of Chinese collector Fu Chunxiao in the Kowloon district. The owner of the collection was on the Chinese mainland at the time of the robbery.

It took the burglar two hours to enter the 16-storey apartment complex. He or she had to break open an iron gate and force through a wooden door. There the thief, who escaped by the same route, found the precious seals in a locked drawer.

The collection included calligraphy by the former Chinese leader Mao Zedong and five extremely valuable antique stamps. The value of the collection became known when the owners daughter came to Hong Kong to help the police, according to a local newspaper.