Burgzorg went through hell: “I was broken, sat at home, was sad, I went crazy”

Delano Burgzorg can laugh again. FSV Mainz trainer Bo Svensson said last week that he does not count on Burgzorg in the preparation, but the situation now looks completely different. Due to a corona infection, the attacker had to contribute a lot.
After his corona infection, Burgzorg also developed an inflammation of the heart muscle. He was on the side for months, but now he can laugh again. Burgzorg was allowed to play for 45 minutes in an exhibition match against Guntersblum.
I‘m really tired, but I feel good and I’m happy to finally be able to play again, Burgzorg tells BILD. On March 2, I got Corona. I thought I‘d be back on the field after two weeks and then this… , he refers to heart muscle inflammation. They told me I wouldn’t be able to play for a long time.
I was devastated, sat at home, was sad, I went crazy. After two months, I wondered if I could ever play again. On Thursday I was told that I can not only train, but also play. I‘m so happy, football is everything to me, it’s my whole life, says Burgzorg. I still have a lot of catching up to do and have to work hard, but will be ready for the first game in the competition.
Burgzorg made the switch from Heracles to Mainz six months ago. He was first rented, the purchase option is about two million euros.