Burning in Greek camp Moria, migrants evacuated

Several fires have broken out in the Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. The migrants are being evacuated. Whether there are dead or injured is not yet known.

“There are more fires in the camp, but this one is of a different order,’ says aid worker Karin Arendsen of the Boat Refugee Foundation to the ANP news agency. “Huge parts of the camp are on fire or will burn down.” Arendsen and her medical colleagues have been evacuated from the camp.


In Moria live about 13,000 people, while there is room for about 3,000. Yesterday, 35 corona infections were detected. Last week the first case was reported, with a Somali man outside the camp, after which the residents of the camp went into quarantine.

The cause of the fires is still unknown.