Burnt fruit and worn underwear: these are the 8 craziest museums in the world

A day wandering around an exhibition of paintings or a building full of statues, nice, but how about a museum full of dog collars or a hall filled with worn underwear? Earlier we saw that a restaurant in Zagreb was looking for a drunk man‘s story. VRIJ went looking for the eight other craziest museums in the world.

1. Burnt Food Museum, Virginia, United States

Ever had something fried? In the Burnt Food museum they don’t do anything else. This American museum is the ultimate culinary catastrophe. Burnt products such as potatoes and bread play the leading role and are treated as true art. The motto of the museum is To Cook the Museum Way – `always leave the flame on low . . . . and then take a long nap


2. Chez Galip Hair Museum, Avanos, Turkey

Ugh, hair in your shower well or a stray hair in the food. The Chez Galip Hair museum knows what to do with such feminine hair plucking. In the basement of potter Galip Körükçü hang more than 16,000 strands of hair. When a dear friend of the potter left town, he was very sad. As a souvenir, the woman therefore cut off a piece of hair for him. Since then, leaving lures behind has become a tradition, resulting in a large and striking collection. There are even scissors in the museum so that you too can contribute to this collection.


3. Museum of Bad Art, Boston, United States

Despite the difference in taste, most households will not opt for a failed painting above their kitchen table or in the hallway. The Museum of Bad Art does not share this idea. The very purpose of this American museum is to find art that deserves a stage because it is so bad. The 600 works range from painted portraits of failed celebrities to paintings in which animals are painted out of proportion. Since 1933, these failed works of art have been collected in the most remarkable places, such as flea markets, thrift shops and bins.


4. Kent‘s Dog Collar Museum, Leeds, England

Nowadays dog collars are quite standard and practical, but the Kent’s Dog Collar Museum takes you on a journey back in time to previous centuries. In the museum you can see dog collars from periods when they looked like instruments of torture to periods when they were fully decorated. According to the museum that says a lot about how we treat and treat dogs.


5. The Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

The Museum of Broken Relationships continues to reflect on a moment where most would prefer to move on as quickly as possible. Throughout the museum you will find objects that tell you the reason for the breakup of a relationship or remind you of the old lover. For example, in the museum there is a twenty-seven year old crust from a wound of someone‘s first love, or a toy burger with a note saying ‘his dog left more traces than he did‘. The museum now also has a branch in the American city of Los Angeles


6. The Lingerie Museum, Los Angeles, United States

Underwear suddenly becomes very special when worn by Hollywood movie stars. That’s why you‘ll find The Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame in the striking Frederick’s of Hollywood building, where underwear worn by Hollywood movie stars is shown. Underwear by Madonna, Cher and even Tom Hanks will amaze you.


7. Museo Subacuático de Arte, Cancún, Mexico

Museo Subacuático de Arte in Mexico is extremely popular; every year almost 750,000 tourists visit this largest underwater museum in the world. At the bottom of the sea you will find 500 human sculptures. With a snorkel mask or diving you can visit the statues and the impressive coral.

8. Musée des Égouts de Paris, Paris, France

The Musée des Égouts de Paris proves that the city of love also has a dark side. Via a manhole cover you climb to the starting point of this museum, or the sewer tunnels of this romantic city. During a guided tour through this city you will see some people flushing through the sewers, you will smell the stench and you will see rats walking around everywhere.