Bus with students in Indonesia plunges into ravine, 27 dead

In an accident with a bus on the Indonesian island of Java, 27 people were killed. On the bus were students from a school, parents and teachers. On the way back from an excursion, the bus crashed into a canyon of twenty meters deep.

The accident happened at the city of Sumedang, in the province of West Java. The driver lost control of the steering wheel; according to occupants who survived the accident, this was due to the fact that the brakes did not work anymore.

The children on the bus were around twelve years old. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Transport, 39 people survived the crash. Thirteen of them are treated with serious injuries in the hospital.

In Indonesia, serious accidents of this kind happen more often. This is due, among other things, to the poor condition of many roads. For example, in 2019 35 people died in a similar accident.