“Businessman Gerard Sanderink threatens police inspector and destroys evidence”

Businessman Gerard Sanderink behaved very badly just before Christmas when a bailiff seized him. He threatened a police inspector and destroyed evidence on the spot to be confiscated, reports Tubantia.

Sanderink is the owner and top boss of ICT company Centric and construction company Strukton. Both companies work a lot for the Dutch government. Twente‘s top man was recently convicted again by the Almelo court for spreading libel and slander about his ex-girlfriend Brigitte van Egten. She had Sanderink’s phone and mailbox confiscated for further proof of that.

‘Selling and Threating’

The bailiff went to the Strukton headquarters in Utrecht on 21 December. When Sanderink refused to receive him, a police inspector was called in to serve as an assistant officer of justice. The bailiff‘s report says that Sanderink threw the attachment papers on the ground and scolded both officials. He also threatened the assistant officer. Sanderink refused to drop off his phone.

He eventually did, but then the entire contents of the phone were remotely erased. The bailiff makes a link with Sanderink’s new girlfriend, Rian van Rijbroek. She was the creator of all Sanderinks passwords and had the opportunity to remotely delete accounts.

Sanderink and Van Rijbroek did not respond to questions from Tubantia.