Busquets reads the emergency: ‘There comes a time when players explode’

There and there are votes going on to organise a World Cup every two years, but Sergio Busquets doesnt think its a good idea. The current schedule of the top football players is demanding enough, the FC Barcelona routinier finds.
The UEFA reacted little enthusiastically to Arsรจne Wengers tasting balloon and Busquets doesnt see it too. โ€œWe as players have little to say about it, but we see the calendar becoming fuller and fuller,โ€ says the controller at a press conference of the Spanish national team.
According to Busquets, the associations responsible have little regard for the interests of the players. โ€œThey want more EKs, more World Cup, more club World Cup, more league matches… But there comes a time when players simply explode. Because the games are becoming more demanding and players will get less and less rest in between. Weve seen that after the corona pandemic, when the schedules of the various competitions came into play.โ€
Busquets played fifty games for his club and eleven interlands last season. There were still fewer than his eighteen-year-old teammate Pedri, who, after taking part in the European Championships and the Olympics at 73 (!) matches came out.