Büttner: ‘Ferguson said, if you had stayed, your first back’

In the run-up to the Europa League final between Manchester United and Villarreal, Alexander Büttner looks back on his period in the Mancunians shirt. The Dutch back indicates that he had become the first back of United, had Sir Alex Ferguson been at the helm for longer.
The team we had then, that was abnormal. If you walk in at the beginning and you see all those big names, names you normally only see on the Playstation… That‘s a bit getting used to, Büttner starts talking with ESPN about his first days at United. But the boys were nice, everything is getting used to. As it were, you walk along with the group at once.
There were a number of big names on Old Trafford, when Büttner joined the selection. Players like Rooney, Ferdinand… That’
s not normal. That you experience how big the club is, when you go to training camp for example. Thousands of people are waiting for you. That‘s a whole different world. I’ve had the opportunity to experience it all, and I‘m proud of it.
Büttner had a very good connection with success manager Sir Alex Ferguson. The departure of the Scot was detrimental to the Dutchman. He has meant a lot to me. He’
s the guy who gave me the chance to play football at such a beautiful club. I remember when he said to me, if I had stayed, you would have been back first in the future.