By Deep Rock Galactic are making a board game

Coffee Stain Publishing and the studio Ghost Ship Games announced that they are making a board game based on their cooperative mining shooter Deep Rock Galactic. The development was undertaken by MOOD Publishing. Next year, the project will be released on Kickstarter as soon as a prototype is ready, which will appeal to all creators.

The Deep Rock Galactic Pillar will have up to four players. The creators have already figured out how to make the world and the passage more diverse: although the map fragments are drawn in advance, there are no passages between them.

And players will have to create tunnels on their own, keeping an eye on the location of heroes and enemies. The developers decided not to create large-scale campaigns because each individual mission in them took place about an hour or two per pass.

Instead, they will release separate well-developed missions, but plan to add mini-campaigns for the future. So far, there is no idea when Deep Rock Galactic will be able to get on market.

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