Cabinet: โ‚ฌ7.6 billion extra for support entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can count on more support not only for fixed costs, but also for their wage costs. After difficult negotiations with employers and trade unions, the Cabinet decided to increase the economic aid packages by EUR 7.6 billion.

Minister of Great Tit (Social Affairs) reports that he is screwing up the maximum percentage of the so-called NOW regulation. Companies can now get reimbursed up to 80% of their payroll if their company has stopped completely.

That goes up to 85 percent. Companies are still allowed to reduce their pay bill by 10% while maintaining support, for example by firing people or asking for a wage sacrifice.

It is not the only extension of the support that Koolmees, together with his fellow ministers Hoekstra (Finance) and Van‘t Wout (Economic Affairs), will present Thursday afternoon.

The cabinet also turns on the buttons of the support for fixed loads. Companies will soon be able to get reimbursed up to a maximum of 85 percent, this was 70 percent.

More spacious In addition, there

will be a wider upper limit to this aid. It was up to now 90.000 euros per quarter, i.e. 330,000 (for companies up to 250 employees) or 400,000 euros (more than 250 employees).

This distinction means that compensation can no longer be applied only by SMEs employing up to 250 people. The minimum compensation also goes up, from 750 euros to 1500 euros, to accommodate small entrepreneurs.

In addition, there will be a new stock allowance for retailers who had to close through the lockdown. In December, the cabinet also came up with such compensation, which at that time had a maximum of about 20,000 euros. The new fee will be a 21 percent premium on top of the reimbursement of fixed charges, the maximum will go to 200,000 euros.


The Cabinet now also comes up with a scheme for start-up entrepreneurs, something that has not been able to do so far. This applies to those who started in the first half of 2020. โ€œIt was complicated and lasted a long time,โ€ says Van’t Wout. There will be a separate arrangement, but still needs to be worked out and the counter will probably not open until May.

There will also be a guarantee fund for events amounting to EUR 300 million. Organizers of festivals, for example, can claim this, so that they can already start setting up the festival. If this cannot happen because of the coronavirus, they may call the fund for the costs.

The new aid package, which will cost EUR 7.6 billion, is the outcome of long negotiations between the Cabinet, employers and trade unions on Thursday afternoon.

Tough negotiations


They were more difficult than they thought. The social partners wanted to find a solution to the big debts that companies now face and compensation for corona leave for parents who are sitting with children who are not allowed to go to school. But no solution has yet come to this.