Cabinet advanses press conference to Friday


Friday, the outgoing cabinet will hold another press conference on the corona situation and any new measures. Thats a week earlier than planned. After a consultation with the most concerned ministers, Minister De Jonge said that the picture of the pandemic is persistently gloomy and worrying.

The OMT is already meeting tonight and will issue an opinion on extra measures tomorrow. The cabinet then wants to make decisions on Friday and announce them at a press conference.

โ€œWeve been seeing an increase in the number of patients for weeks,โ€ said De Jonge. โ€œThere are 2,500 people in the hospital now and we have seen an influx of 700 new patients in the last period.โ€ According to the minister, that is at the upper limit of the bandwidth. He wants to keep care accessible as much as possible.

There are now a number of tightened rules, such as closing shops and the hospitality industry earlier. As a result, according to De Jonge, a change should actually be visible in the numbers this week. โ€œAnd otherwise, well have to force it.โ€

He did not want to prejudge the measures that may be announced on Friday. โ€œThe rack is totally out in care and the rack is totally out in society. That is why we should never take lightly about measures, which always hurt somewhere.โ€