Cabinet advocates in Europe for extension sanctions against Myanmar

The Cabinet calls for new sanctions against Myanmar. Yesterday military officers committed a coup d‘รฉtat there. Many people have been captured, including head of government Aung San Suu Kyi.

Minister Kaag finds the situation ‘extremely worry‘. It wants the European Union to add more people to the already existing sanctions list, and also to address companies directly linked to the military. โ€œThat’s their power base and their funding base.โ€

According to the demissionary Minister for Development Cooperation, these steps should be taken in a European context. โ€œThat‘s the only way we can take a political-economic blow.โ€


Minister Blok also expressed his horror at the events in Myanmar. In Question Time in the House of Representatives, he said that he would call on the Myanmar ambassador and that power should be transferred back to parliament.

Kaag has also considered whether she can suspend Dutch cooperation programmes with Myanmar. โ€œBut then we hit the population, and that’s the last thing we want, because we have to reach the military.โ€ Blok also said that โ€œrulers should be affected, and not the common man and woman.โ€

Blok added in the Chamber that he wants to continue to work for the fate of the Muslim minority Rohingya in Myanmar. He stressed that the Netherlands and Canada support the lawsuit brought by the Gambia at the International Court of Justice against Myanmar for genocide of the Rohingya.