Cabinet and Chamber remain unchanged: no extra wage increase in the health care sector

In the debate prior to the votes, the Cabinet proved, as expected, not to bore. “It’s not possible,” said Prime Minister Rutte. “We can’t and-and do: raise all salaries extra and fight the economic crisis.”

For want’s sake, Rutte said, after the care comes the call to also increase the salaries of the police, education and other professions. And the Netherlands cannot afford that, the prime minister argued. “One percent wage increase costs 600 million euros a year. That’s ten euros a month extra care premium for everyone.”

Rutte said that earlier intended ‘normal’ salary increases in health care are sufficient. He disagreed with the opposition, which asked for an additional salary increase.

The care salary has been the subject of debate in The Hague for months. This happened again last week in a coronation debate for which the Lower House had returned from a recess. That meeting had a tumultuous end, as a result of which the roll-call vote did not take place.

The division was great today, the House of Representatives was almost split in two:

Wilders made the link with EU support measures and stated that Rutte “does too little for the Dutch, but gives a lot of money to foreigners”

More than 2000 euro

GreenLeft Leader Clover started talking about the letter the Cabinet sent to the Chamber last night. “I’m shocked to death.” The letter says there is now no money for structural salary increases. People who save lives have to earn more than 2000 euros a month, said Klaver.