Cabinet and coalition discuss headache files in Catshuis tomorrow night

The top of the cabinet and the group chairmen of the coalition parties will meet tomorrow evening in the Catshuis. There they discuss a number of current headache files, such as purchasing power, nitrogen and the reception of asylum seekers. Sources in The Hague confirm this after a report from the Cceit.

According to the insiders, the consultation had been planned for some time. On behalf of the cabinet, Prime Minister Rutte and Deputy Prime Ministers Kaag, Hoekstra and Schouten are present in the Catshuis. On Friday, the Council of Ministers will meet again for the first time after the summer holidays.


These kinds of consultations between cabinet and coalition groups took place weekly during the previous cabinet period, but VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie agreed to break that tradition in the last formation. The criticism was that many decisions were “pre-cooked” in that consultation.

Rutte IV has to face several crises. Due to rising inflation and high energy prices, many households are in financial trouble. This group is so large that additional support measures will cost billions.

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In the coming weeks, the budget for next year should be adopted. Yesterday, the cabinet reiterated the call to employers to increase wages, but the cabinet will also have to come across the bridge to maintain purchasing power.


The impasse in the nitrogen discussion is also on the agenda in the Catshuis tomorrow evening. Former minister Remkes is currently holding discussions with various organizations to find a solution. Within the coalition parties, VVD, CDA and ChristenUnie are particularly concerned about the consequences for farmers.

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Finally, the cabinet and coalition are talking about the faltering reception of asylum seekers. Secretary of State Van der Burg for Asylum Affairs saw no other option this week than to force municipalities to receive them if necessary. At the municipalities and in Van der Burgs own party, the VVD, this has led to a lot of misunderstanding and anger.

The Catshuis is officially the official residence of the Prime Minister, but Rutte does not use it. The country house between The Hague and Scheveningen is mainly used for receptions and private consultations. In recent years, for example, the cabinet has regularly discussed the approach to corona with experts.